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Ooops Almost Forgot My Southern Hospitality - Welcome

Written by Tamara Bealer


Posted on January 10 2014

Thank you for visiting. I love to hear from our fan and customers. Classy and Sassy Styles takes pride in selling stylish and trendy fashions. Sometimes people are a little apprehensive to put outfits together....or think 'Where in the world could I wear that?' ... even if inside they are dying to be adventurous and rock it! I get that. 

However, live a little. Let the endless opportunities to wow yourself shine through. With a little help, our imagination, and keen eye for fashion, we can make it WERK! For a little inspiration check us out on Facebook,Instagram, or Polyvore.
So long story short, I love what we do and hope it's working for you.
Classy and Sassy Styles



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